Palazzo Gorgoni



  • 16 Sleeps
  • 8  Bedrooms
  • 8  Bathrooms

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About the Villa

Contemporary luxury, historic charm and artistic flair in the heart of Galatina...

Here's how to restore a late 18th-century palazzo in the heart of a lovely Baroque town: have fun, put your passion into it and embrace the original character and history of the building. This is what the owner of Palazzo Gorgoni has done! Meticulously, lovingly and luxuriously brought back to life over the last few years, Palazzo Gorgoni charms, delights and pampers in equal measure. The amount of space is only one of the many surprises in store for guests who, even after a week in residence still find themselves chuckling and cooing at the wonder of it all.

"All guests enjoyed the experience at Palazzo Gorgoni very much. The pool area was fantastic." Peter Evers, Australia

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Internet Connections Explained


All The Thinking Traveller's villas have some kind of Internet facility and, where possible, we try to ensure that this is an ADSL broadband Wi-Fi connection.

However, some rural areas and those far from the main towns and cities have not yet been connected to the high-speed broadband network. Therefore, in some of our villas we offer an alternative type of connection (specified in the amenities table of each individual villa page). 

Please note that although we work very hard to provide reliable internet service at our villas, these services are potentially erratic and can fail due to network failures completely out of our control. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for loss of connection due to such network failures.

Here is some information about the most common connection types:

ADSL Broadband

This is by far the fastest and most reliable connection type available and uses traditional copper wires. In the UK, ADSL is most commonly referred to as broadband. It is suitable for most surfing requirements. Generally an ADSL line is only available within two miles of a telephone exchange, so in rural or more remote areas it usually not available.

An ADSL Internet connection in a villa can then be distributed using a Wi-Fi router, allowing a wireless connection with one or more device, or by a cable, which can be plugged into most laptops.

NB If a fast, constant and reliable Internet connection is vital for you (i.e. you expect to be working a lot during your holiday), please specify this to your Villa Specialist. It may be better to rent a villa with an ADSL broadband connection.

3G WiFi Internet routers

In some of our villas, 3G Wi-Fi Internet connections are provided by a small router unit that uses the 3G mobile network, similar to that used by many mobile phones. The unit receives the signal and retransmits it wirelessly making it possible for a few devices to connect at the same time. 3G Wi-Fi units work best in the immediate area around them (i.e. they won’t create a Wi-Fi environment throughout the entire villa) and so the best connection will be within close range of the unit, usually in the same room.

The signal may be affected by weather conditions (i.e. strong winds or storms), and the overall strength depends entirely on the service provider's presence in the area. We cannot accept responsibility for slow or absent signals.

Please note that 3G Wi-Fi is provided for basic Internet browsing and checking of email only. Guests are requested not to download large files such as movies or make Skype video calls, as most units have a maximum monthly data usage of 10Gb.

NB If a fast, constant and reliable Internet connection is vital for you (i.e. you expect to be working a lot during your holiday), please specify this to your Villa Specialist. It may be better to rent a villa with a normal ADSL connection. 


Mobile Broadband Internet Dongles/Keys

Dongles, or Internet keys, can be slotted into a USB port on your computer and use a data SIM card to connect to a 3G or other data network, normally supplied by mobile phone networks. At the villas where this is provided, clients are usually requested to buy their own data SIM card and top up as they go (details of where and how to purchase one are provided in the House Guide you will receive before departure).

The signal may be affected by weather conditions (i.e. strong winds or storms), and the overall strength depends entirely on the service provider's presence in the area. We cannot accept responsibility for slow or absent signals.

NB If a fast, constant and reliable Internet connection is vital for you (i.e. you expect to be working a lot during your holiday), please specify this to your Villa Specialist. It may be better to rent a villa with a normal ADSL conection. 

WiMAX / Satellite connections

WiMAX and satellite Internet connections have performance levels similar to cabled ADSL hi-speed Internet connections. Wi-Fi access within the property is provided by a special modem-router. WiMAX and Satellite connections are present in our villas when there is no normal cabled broadband infrastructure in the area (still quite common in more remote areas). These kind of connections may be affected by atmospheric conditions, however, so we cannot guarantee that the signal will be as constant as cabled connections. The connection speed of this type connection in our Ionian Island villas is a little slower and comes with a limit of Mbs, so guests are requested not to download large files, stream films or use Skype to make calls.

Connecting to the Internet abroad using your smartphone or tablet (roaming)

As of June 2017, there are no roaming charges for EU citizens (with an EU provider) travelling within the EU. 

If you are travelling from outside the EU and wish to use your smartphone or tablet while on holiday, here are a few tips for cutting down on foreign data-roaming charges:

The first thing to do is to check with your provider to see if there are any special deals available (there's usually something on offer). You should also make sure your phone is unlocked (you can ask your operator to do this) if you wish to buy a foreign SIM card while you're away.

If there are no suitable deals available from your operator (and your phone/tablet has been unlocked), we recommend you buy a local prepaid data SIM card (details of where and how can be found in your House Guide). It might also be useful to bring a cheap handset, put your UK SIM into the cheap handset and the local data SIM into your smartphone, so that any data you access will be charged at the local rate. If you do buy a local SIM, most smart phones can then be used to provide a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing data access for up to five devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Finally, when abroad, switch off 3G, switch off ‘data roaming’ on iPhones or switch the priority to Wi-Fi rather than 3G on Symbian devices, thus avoiding charges when your phone attempts to access emails.



  • Accommodates (max)  16
  • Bedrooms  8
  • Double beds  7
  • Flexible doubles/twins  1
  • Bathrooms  8
  • ... of which en suite  8
  • Daily maid service ¹
  • Cook 
  • Breakfast preparation ²
  • Heatable pool (LxW in metres) ³ 6x3
  • Gym 
  • Air cooling system ³
  • Heating 
  • Lift 
  • Dance room 
  • Art gallery 
  • Washing machine 
  • Dishwasher 
  • iPod docking station 
  • Satellite TV 
  • DVD player 
  • Stereo 
  • ADSL Wi-Fi Internet [i] 
  • Barbecue 
  • Sauna 
  • Shopping service 
  • Laundry service 
  • Cookery classes 
  • The Thinking Traveller local support 24/7 
  • Walking distance to restaurant(s) 
  • Walking distance to shop(s) 
= yes/present = optional/on request
¹ from Monday to Sunday from 8.30am to 12.30pm and from 5.30pm to 7pm
² food payable by guests
³ underfloor air cooling system
heating the pool costs €630/week and should be requested in advance. We recommend pool heating for the months of April, May, June and October. In the winter months we cannot guarantee that the water would be heated to a swimmable temperature


Inside: the main entrance from the street leads into an ornamental courtyard where your wows will begin! In front of you is a symmetrical triptych of baroque apertures formed by an ornate central window and two adorned doorways. Above you is the sky, framed by the neo-classical balustrades that delimit the first floor terrace, and above those, three frescoed arches. Passing through either of the doors in front of you – right or left, your choice! - you will come to an impressive Imperial staircase leading to the first floor.

Beginning our explorations on the ground floor, one first comes to a large formal dining room, accessing a peaceful lemon tree-shaded courtyard. Next to this is a super-contemporary, stainless steel kitchen and then a second, more informal, dining area. The ground floor is also home to a relaxation and wellness area that includes a gym, a sauna, a chromotherapy shower and a communal bath. Just a hop, skip and a jump away is another tranquil internal courtyard featuring an enticing pool with hydromassage corner. Accommodation on the ground floor is completed by the first of the eight bedrooms, Messico, an extremely spacious double bedroom with en-suite shower room.

Heading up the Imperial staircase, which is flanked on either side by sculptured balustrades and a regiment of Doric columns supporting vaulted ceilings, one may either enter the main body of the first floor or amble around a quadrilateral balcony, off which one may access four bedrooms: New York Verde, a double with en-suite shower room; New York Rosa, a double with balcony and en-suite shower room; Francese, a double-twin with balcony and an en-suite shower room; and Orientale, a double bedroom with balcony and an en-suite shower room with tub and separate shower. Inside the main body of the first floor is a succession of wholly impressive rooms, including several sitting areas, a study, a TV room, a dance room, an art gallery, a service kitchen (with access to a terrace), and the generously proportioned master suite with its lofty vaulted ceilings, views over the pool courtyard, an in-room tub, and an en-suite shower room. Steps lead up from the near the central balcony to Cannapa, a double bedroom with en-suite shower room, while a second flight of stairs takes one up to the fabulous roof terrace, off which is accessed bedroom number eight, Maschio, a double with en-suite shower room. The furnishings, artworks and clever design touches throughout are a constant source of charm, while the fittings and bathrooms leave you in no doubt that this is a top-notch, top-quality property. And if you're thinking that there seem to be a lot of stairs, don't worry, there's also a lift.

Outside: most of your al fresco time will probably be spent either in and around the pool courtyard or on the fabulous of roof terrace. The pool area is perfect for lazing around, thanks to a series of comfortable reclining areas and to a hydromassage corner in the pool itself. The roof terrace offers a wonderful shady area for reclining, chatting and chilling, a barbecue and lots of excellent vantage points from which to view the surrounding town (which has a good selection of bars, restaurants and boutiques). The roof terrace is the perfect place for sundowners and for long starlit dinners, during which you may well find yourself toasting the ingenuity, wit and taste of your host!

Service: Palazzo Gorgoni offers an impeccable level of service, including a member of staff who will prepare breakfast, and a maid who will carry out daily cleaning. A cook is available on request.


Think About

A unique property for a unique holiday experience!

Due to the large number of stairs, potential drops and the presence of a considerable number of delicate works of art, this property is not suitable for children under the age of 12.