Apulia or Puglia? An Historic Debate


You say Apulia, I say Puglia, let's call the whole thing off...

Apulia by any other name would be an equally good holiday destination...

Puglia the other one! (Apulia)

Rent a  villa in Apulia... or rent a villa in Puglia, that is the question...

So, what is the difference between Apulia and Puglia, and which should you say?

Well, Apulia is quite simply the Latin name for the region, which, according to some topographical experts, derives from the Greek word Iapudes, signifying "those who live on the other side of the Adriatic". Puglia is the modern Italian name, evidently derived from its Latin predecessor. 

And which should you use? Either, is the simple answer... for now! Traditionally, English speakers have used Apulia as their exonym of choice, though it would appear that Puglia is being used more and more frequently. It might be that in the future Apulia will gradually drift out of usage, much in the same way as Bombay, Calcutta and Peking have.

So, feel free to use either... unless, of course, you prefer using Le Puglie, the plural, rather formal topographical Italian version of the region's name...

Hope that's clear! 

However you choose to call this beautiful region of Italy, The Thinking Traveller offers the most desirable rental villas in Apulia, and indeed in Puglia.

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