Guide to Puglia


Puglia for children

Puglia has plenty to offer children on holiday. See The Thinking Traveller's suggestions for fun children's activities!

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Apulia or Puglia

What's the difference between a rental villa in Apulia and a rental villa in Puglia? The Thinking Traveller has the answer!

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Frederick II the builder

Frederick II bequeathed an enormous architectural patrimony to the world, much of which is scattered across southern Italy. Follow his trail.

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The geography of Puglia

Puglia coastline is a mixture of white sand beaches and rocky coves, whereas its interior features endless rolling hills dotted with centuries old olive trees.

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A carpet of olive trees

Puglia would not be Puglia without its 60 million olive trees and its superb olive oil, which counts for around 40% of Italy's total production.

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The Salento

The Salento is home to some of Italy's loveliest towns and cities. Take a tour of the region with The Thinking Traveller.

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The Valle d'Itria

The Valle d'Itria, its trulli, its gorgeous historic towns, its culinary delights and its rolling forested hills.

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Guide and photos of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Alberobello and its unique trulli.

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Welcome to Bari, capital of Puglia, part of The Thinking Traveller's guide to Puglia

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Brindisi is one of Puglia's most historically important cities, the end of the Appian Way and one of Rome's gateway to the orient.

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Perched atop a precipitous cliff, 100m above the sea, Castro looks out across the Adriatic Sea towards Corfu and southern Albania, from where, it is said by some, Aeneas once arrived.

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One of the Valle d'Itria's most charming and picturesque towns, Cisternino is also renowned for its barbecuing butchers..

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No town in Puglia can quite rival Lecce's baroque wonders, but Galatina certainly comes close and has a charm all of its own.

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“Beautiful city”: that’s what Gallipoli means, and it certainly lives up to its name! The walled island city of Gallipoli is one of the jewels of Italy's heel.

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Lecce is one of the jewels of 18th century southern European Baroque architecture. Ornate facades adorn richly decorated buildings throughout this UNESCO protected Puglian city.

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Locorotondo is one of Puglia's prettiest towns with a proudly conserved, easily-walkable centre and a calm, laid-back atmosphere.

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Martina Franca

An exploration of the lovely Valle d’Itria (trulli country!) would not be complete without a visit to Martina Franca, the largest town in the area.

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Monopoli is a lovely town for a day trip. Find out what to visit whilst there.

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Ostuni has long been an awe-inspiring site for those travelling across Puglia. See why...

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Otranto has a lot to offer: History, architecture, views, sea-front restaurants and white sandy beaches make it one of Puglia's most interesting towns.

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A guide to Trani in Puglia, with its stunning castle, cathedral and port

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Specchia - once a safe haven in times of trouble, now a charming town and one of the Borghi Più Belli d'Italia.

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The Pizzica Pizzica

A dance shrouded in myth and legend that dates back many hundreds if not thousands of years. Learn about the Pizzica Pizzica...

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What signals your arrival in Puglia is the sight of a trullo, the unique conical constructions found in the southern Murgia area of the peninsula.

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Alongside trulli, Puglia's most characteristic buildings are masserie. Rent some of the very finest with The Thinking Traveller.

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Food in Puglia

The varied and wholesome food and cuisine of the Italian region of Puglia is based on simple and natural recipes passed down through the generations.

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Puglian recipes

Puglia's cuisine is deeply steeped in the region's agricultural tradition and an instinct for self-sufficiency so many of the representative dishes have their origins in "cucina povera".

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Wine in Puglia

If Italy is the largest producer of wine in the world, it is largely thanks to Puglia, which produces more than any other region.

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