Private Tours of UNESCO Heritage Sites in Albania


The Channel of Corfu, which separates the island of Corfu from Albania, is just 2km wide at its narrowest point. Such proximity makes it eminently feasible for anyone staying on Corfu to visit a few of southern Albania's many artistic, archaeological and natural wonders. Here's a Think Experiences for any Thinking Travellers wishing to do just that. 

Butrint National Park and Archaeological Site


  1. Departing at 09:00 from Corfu New Port you'll travel to Saranda in Albania by hydrofoil, which will take approximately one hour. You'll need your passport.
  2. On arrival at the Port of Saranda, you'll be met by your expert guide who will help with clearance formalities.
  3. Private transfer to the park
  4. Your expert guide will take you walking through part of the park and explain the secrets of this most remarkable site (stopping for lunch at a nearby restaurant in the park on the way)
  5. Transfer back to the port for your return trip to Corfu Town, which departs at 17:00.

A little (historical) background

Directly across the water from northern Corfu - and clearly visible from many of our villas - are the green hills and mountains of Butrint National Park. The park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, comprises almost 55km2 of richly bio-diverse countryside, a freshwater lake, coastal wetlands and the remarkable archaeological site of ancient Bouthroton. This latter, situated on a hill above the Vivari Channel, linking the lake to the sea, has a remarkable history that dates back to at least the 8th century BC. 

In around the 4th century BC, Bouthroton had grown into an important trading town, enclosed by thick defensive walls. Then, following the general flow of history, it came under the control of the Romans and both Caesar and Augustus expanded the town by colonising the town with veteran legionaries. Despite being significantly damaged by an earthquake and undergoing a gentle decline in importance, Bouthroton managed to survive the ravages of time and nature and after the fall of the Roman Empire it remained an attractive proposition for the various powers who moved in the region. 

In the 6th century AD it became a bishopric and subsequently passed between the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Angevins, Napoleonic France and the Ottoman Empire, under which the town was abandoned. Finally, in 1912 it became part of modern-day Albania.

What to see in the archaeological site

Excavations began in 1928 and it soon became apparent that Bouthroton was a remarkable site, which, in the words of UNESCO, "is a veritable conservatory of major monuments in ruins from each period of the city's development... the fortifications bear testimony to the different stages of their construction from the time of the Greek colony until the Middle Ages." Visitors today may admire a well-preserved Greek theatre and remains of the sanctuary of Asclepius, the walls, the Roman baths, the 6th century paleo-Christian baptistery (with some wonderful mosaic floors) and Basilica, a Venetian fortress and much more besides.

Please note that the experience involves a lot of walking so you will require sensible shoes, a hat, sun block and bottled water during the hotter months. 

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