The Sunday Times Travel features Dammuso Roccavento, April 2013



Sun-dried and satisfied

"Under the bright blue skies of Italy's Pantelleria island, Anthony Capella discovers a foodie paradise

Is this the most idyllic restaurant in the world?...

Like most visitors, we were staying in a rented dammuso - in our case, the charming Dammuso Roccavento, which is perched high on the volcanic cliffs of Punta Karace. Angled to catch the breezes, it too is surrounded by pretty terraces of vines, and on hearing that we liked passito, the owner, Gerry, pressed a bottle of his home-made version on us, insisting that part-time farmers such as he are the true guardians of the tradition. (For the record, it was one of the best that we tasted.)

Gerry also steered us towards some good restaurants, of which there are a surprising number for such a small island - few hotels means few hotel restaurants, and thus more trade for family-owned places..."


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