A little piece of heaven

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"Best for gourmets"

Where else but Italy's big-personality island would you dream of breakfasting on ice-cream in a brioche? Dining around Sicily's smoking volcanoes and scorching beaches is an all-day sensual, seasonal experience - and a cultural one, too. Typical dishes such as fish couscous and aubergine-rich caponata give an effortless history lesson on the island's Greek, Roman, Arabic, French and Spanish influences.
Book a self-catering villa to soak up the sun while mulling your next restaurant choice. Chic Pietra Nera, for eight, is perfectly placed for Taormina's Michelin-starred big hitters. Or book Oliva (sleeping 10), a slick take on a traditional 
baglio near the south-west coast, where you can feast on lobster linguini on the sand at La Pineta, near Marinella di Selinunte. 
Its neighbour is a small lido that's ideal for a post-prandial snooze."


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