Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings Online features Adagio and Azzurra


New Villas for The Thinking Traveller

"The Thinking Traveller has unveiled 5 new properties to their portfolio in Sicily and Puglia.
The new properties in Sicily include Adagio in the up and coming Menfi area with sea views, nestled in a vineyard just a few minutes' drive from the beach and Azzurra, a beautiful house with views of Etna.
Think Puglia's new properties include: Trullo Pinnacolo, a top of the range luxury trullo restoration, Lamia Bianca, a charming old stone lamia with sea views, close to the beach, and Casina Elia, a country house with a great pool, near to Gallipoli.
Huw & Rossella BeaugiƩ, founders of The Thinking Traveller with villas in Sicily, Puglia and the Ionian Islands, take meticulous care when choosing new villas. As with all the company's villas, these new arrivals are supreme in quality, available exclusively through The Thinking Traveller and come with a level of service and expertise that is second to none.

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