Food and Travel Magazine features Pietra Nera and Think Experiences in its special on UNESCO World Heritage Sites


Mount Etna, Italy
"Italy’s iconic Mount Etna, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has erupted again. This time, the crater’s spectacular pyrotechnics are lighting up the planet’s cultural stage thanks to its new World Heritage status. It’s well deserved: citrus-scented tourism and hypnotic, superheated danger are rarely such close bedfellows. But this is Sicily; different rules apply. The Mediterranean island, with its elegantly wasting honey-walled towns and villages, glorious coastal views and classical remains, is home to the most active stratovolcano in the world. Over 3,300m high, Etna’s almost continuous activity has been observed since Greek and Roman times, with regular, magnificently photogenic night-time lava flows. Located on the island’s east coast, it has proved a magnet for volcanologists and geophysicists as well as the tourists who cross its slopes on foot and by 4x4, and taste wines from the vines sprouting from its mineral-rich earth. It is one of the world’s best monitored volcanoes, with endemic flora and fauna alongside a range of diverse and accessible geological features, from summit craters and cinder cones to lava flows and caves.
THE DETAIL Think Sicily offers a number of villa rentals, including seven nights at eight-person Villa Pietra Nera, plus 4x4 trips, and wine tasting at Planeta vineyard."


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