CN Traveller's piece on the Aeolian Islands, August 2011 - featuring Belquis House


In the August 2011 edition of Condé Nast Traveller, there is a wonderful article on the Aeolian Islands: "Can you really enjoy an exotic excape without leaving Europe? In the unspoilt Aeolian Island off the Sicilian coast, anything is possible". Our wonderful villa Belquis House on Filicudi was featured:

"Belquis House was at the end of an old stone mule track lined with herbs. We dragged our bags the final few hundred metres and through arched double gates into a secret courtyard. This was to be our home for the next week. There was a lacy white hammock swaying gently between wooden posts, thick woven-grass mattresses laid out on a raised terrace, and an air of serenity.

The house, spanning the length of the courtyard was of typically Aeolian style: long, low and open, with smooth, gently curving walls in a natural limestone colour, almost adobe in appearance.

To this traditional template Belquis has added some dashes of her own: a shower concealed in the former pizza oven, and a glass-topped cellar beneath the kitchen floor. The main bedroom was large and airy, with glass doors opening onto the courtyard, while the second was a cool whitewashed vault beneath ground level.

We wandered around the outside of the house, past a lemon tree simultaneously in bloom and fruit, and round a corner onto a stone terrace. Two daybeds here seemed, like the baby bear's in Goldilocks, to be just right for us..."

Conde Nast Traveller, August 2011, Belquis House | Think Sicily




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