Catherine Ostler writes about her week at Think Sicily villa Corte del Sole


It's Sicily to the Rescue
Catherine Ostler

"The Leopard is set on the less touristy, wilder, west side of the island, where we are headed, arriving 90 minutes later up a bumpy track at our villa, Corte del Sole. A single-storey farm building converted into an airy, high-ceilinged, three-bathroom house, it's spacious yet cosy.
A pool sparkles at the end of a lush lawn. It is chlorine free (there are some baby frogs in it at one point; the children want to keep one as a pet) and around it there is an atmospheric hide-and-seek garden full of giant cob-webby cacti and prickly pears. It's quiet and isolated, overlooking vineyards, wild flower meadows and olive groves all the way across a tideless sea to the distant Egadi Islands."

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