Discover an unspoilt corner of Sicily


Lisa Smosarski has a truly Sicilian experience at Casa Luza with volcano hikes and wild beaches, temples and ruins and the most amazing food she could ever imagine.

'Casa Luza, a villa perched on a hillside overlooking lemon and apricot groves that tumble down towards the Ionian sea...modern, airy, but still filled with comfort and character and furnishings that make you want to head straight to The White Company.'

'Neutral stone colours, high windows and flowing soft white drapes make the pad homely and relaxed, and it's well-equipped indoor and outdoor kitchens, Hockney - worthy pool and breathtaking views make this six-bedroom villa a truly luxe place to stay.'

'One of my favourite meals was when a local cook took over our kitchen with gallons of olive oil, juicy tomatoes, pounds of hard, salty ricotta and freshly caught fish and created a feast we couldn't come near to finishing.'  'Breakfast at our villa was special too, with Sicilian pastries and mounds of fresh fruit served every morning by the pool. It's another habit I'm considering bringing home.'

August 2017

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