Sicile, La vie de Guépard

Série Limitée - Les Echos

The article starts off with a visit of villa La Favorita, revealing where its name came from, and describing the Eden-like opulence of its gardens, with fountains, rare plant species and a stunning pool surrounded by citrus trees. It goes on with the interiors and the history of the house: built as a hunting lodge in 1840, it is full of eclectic objects from times past, that the current owner Elisabetta de Sarzana has preserved and sometimes even given a modern twist.

The journalist then continues his trip towards the North, to Paceco near Trapani, where his next stop is the imposing villa Al Jafar with its extraordinary fortified tower. The villa offers a medieval setting with thick stone walls protecting from the heat and a pool surrounded by fragrant citrus trees.

Arriving in Palermo, the journalist is then given a rather memorable first impression of Villa Tasca through its impressively long driveway lined with centuries-old palm trees. The neoclassical building from the 18th century hosts richly-decorated rooms with frescoes. An incredible oasis of calm and a quiet haven from the hustle and bustle of the city, which has hosted illustrious guests such as Wagner, Jackie Kennedy or Sophia Loren. 

In an age where travelling in space has become so easy, this journey into historical Sicily definitely has a very special edge.

"Our senses are blessed by the sound of a fountain, and the smell of jasmine and lemon. And of jacaranda, whose purple petals fall in front of us and cover the ground. Count Giuseppe de Sarzana, once an extremely rich landowner, built La Favorita in 1840 as a hunting lodge to escape life in Palermo."

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