The Etna Effect


In this photo-driven piece, Ellisa Pierce highlights Mt. Etna and the towns of Taromina, Siracusa and Catania. She spotlights her experience at Don Arcangelo, noting the culinary experience, outdoor pool, garden, and interiors. She highlights several Think Experiences including the 4x4 tour of Mt. Etna, Planeta wine delivery, cooking course and more...

"I'm staying at Villa Don Arcangelo all'Olmo, a 19th-century villa situated in the middle of 50 acres of lemon groves (they replaced the original vineyards in the 1960s), with a killer view of the turquoise Ionian Sea, which stretches all the way to Greece. Built in the classic, beefy Sicilian architectural style, with fireplaces large enough to walk in, terra-cotta walls inside and out, and archways around its doors and windows made from Etna's black, porous lava stones, the villa feels as much like a fortress as a stylish home for the aristocratic Italian family that lives here part-time."

August 2016

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