Sense Of The Famiglia

Harper's Bazaar

Lydia Slater tells Harper's Bazaar of her lovely family holiday at The Thinking Traveller's splendid and unique villa Trullo Pinnacolo.

"I had never believed there might be a holiday out there to keep everyone happy. But it turned out to be a stay in Trullo Pinnacolo"


"The following morning, woken by a dazzling sun streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows, we inspected our domain. Designed by
the Paris-based architect and interior designer Fabrice Bejjani, the 
Trullo Pinnacolo had a sleek modern simplicity, yet with its creamy local stone, marble and walnut furnishings, sat harmoniously in the ancient landscape. Wide steps down to the long black mosaic pool had been adorned with cushions designed for teenage lounging, and a ping-pong table stood ready on the terrace; meanwhile, we adults discovered our own oasis, a secret outdoor sitting-room bordered by banks of lavender, where we could work on our respective novels and sip prosecco out"


"We vowed as a family that we would return."

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