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bon appétit

Bon appétit's David Prior writes about London chef Skye Gyngell gathering friends and family at Rocca delle Tre Contrade and applying her art and talent in the kitchen with Sicilian's best ingredients.

"We fell in love with Skye's cooking instantly," says Jon Moslet, an Italian wine exporter who spent five years restoring the 12-bedroom Rocca delle Tre Contrade into a guesthouse to rent on the island's east side. Now he's invited Gyngell to break in the kitchen. With its arched ceilings and Ionian Sea-facing pool, the posh villa (where Gyngell will be hosting cooking courses next spring) balances a contemporary interior with the faded patina of crumbling Sicily. Moslet and his partner, Marco Scirè, bought the property because of its proximity to local agriculture, fishing villages, and the region's thriving vineyards. The villa's orchard are a case in point, abundant with cherries, clementines, and masses of gnarled, fragrant lemons.

June 2016

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