Guide to Corsica

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An Introduction to Corsica

Rare beauty, infinite variety, millennial traditions, charming historic towns, towering mountains, gastronomic delights and a multitude of white sandy beaches: combine all these elements and one comes close to describing Corsica.

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The Climate in Corsica

Corsica’s location off the south coast of France makes it the most Mediterranean of French regions and also the sunniest!

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Beaches in Corsica

In terms of beaches, there’s something for everyone. Some have lidos, water sports and restaurants, others are more off the beaten track, hidden away in nature reserves.

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Food in Corsica

Steeped in tradition, full of flavour and proudly local, Corsican cuisine draws on both French and Italian influences but has its own very distinct character.

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Corsican wine

Diverse terroirs, ancient traditions, modern know-how and a trio of grape varieties: find out more about what makes Corsican wine so unique.

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Corsica's interior

Corsica's vast, unspoilt hinterland combines towering mountains, emerald green forests, mouthwatering gastronomic traditions and fabulous opportunities for lovers of the great outdoors.

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The south coast of Corsica

Join us on a journey of discovery along the south coast of Corsica, home to dreamy beaches, unspoilt nature and one of the island's most stunning towns.

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There are few towns that can boast such a dramatic, seemingly precarious position as Bonifacio! Here's why the Thinking Traveller adores it.

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Porto Vecchio

A vibrant marina, a bustling port with Roman origins and a series of beaches, all overlooked by a picturesque old town and a 16th century fortification. .

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Its old town centre flanks the port and marina on the western side of an upturned horseshoe bay. Tree-lined boulevards and streets meet at wide-open squares that offer vistas out to sea.

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Favoured by Prosper Mérimée, Sartène is a charming Medieval city which may just captivate you as it did the famous French author. Read about it with The Thinking Traveller.

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Calvi, its beach, its citadel and a history that includes Christopher Columbus and Admiral Lord Nelson.

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Unearthed only in 1948, the site continues to present archaeologists and historians with a great many unanswered questions about Corsica's prehistory. Read about it with The Thinking Traveller.

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