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Getting to Sicily's Islands

Travel to the Aeolian islands by hydrofoil, ferry and helicopter

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You can reach the Aeolian Islands (Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea & Stromboli) by ferry and hydrofoil from various points in Sicily but also from Naples and Reggio Calabria. For up-to-date timetables, please see the individual websites of the carrier companies.


Hydrofoils (passengers only)

From Milazzo

Milazzo is the main departure point for the Aeolian Islands with several  hydrofoils leaving daily throughout the year. Crossings take between 45mins to 3 hours depending on which island your are heading for.
Ustica Lines, tel. +39 0923 873813

Good ThinkingIf you're heading for the Aeolian Islands for a couple of days and need somewhere to park in Milazzo, try the Garage delle Isole in Via San Paolino, 66, tel. +39 090 9288585. It is well signposted and situated just 600m from the port. They run a shuttle service to and from the port for those with bags.

From Palermo

Crossings take from 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on which island you are heading for (services usually run from the start of June to mid-September).
Ustica Lines, tel. +39 0923 873813

From Cefalu'

Crossings take from 1.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on which island you are heading for (services usually run from the start of June to mid-September).
Ustica Lines, tel. +39 0923 873813

From Messina

Crossings take from 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on which island you are heading for (services usually run from the start of June to mid-September).
Ustica Lines, tel. +39 0923 873813

From Reggio Calabria

Crossings take from 2 to 5 hours, depending on which island you are heading for (services run all year round).
Ustica Lines, tel. +39 0923 873813

From Naples

Crossings take between 4.5 and 6.5 hours, depending on which island you are heading for (services usually run from the beginning of June to the beginning of September).
SNAV, tel. 081 4285555

NB: all timings must be confirmed as they are subject to change and weather conditions.

Ticket offices are: in the port, by the dock in Palermo/Cefalu' and Messina; on the main road opposite the port entrance in Milazzo; in the main "piazza" by the port on the islands.


Ferries (passengers and cars)


Crossings take between 1.5 and 6 hours depending on which island you are heading for.
Siremar, tel. 199 11 88 66 (from Italy) or +39 02 263 02803 (from abroad).
NGI, tel. +39 090 928 4091.


Overnight crossings take about 10 hours.
Siremar, tel. 199 11 88 66 (from Italy) or +39 02 263 02803 (from abroad).


Booking Tickets

Although this isn’t necessary in low and medium seasons as there are several daily, we recommend booking between July and September. Bookings may be made directly with the companies concerned.  


The quickest way to reach the Islands from any of the departure points is by helicopter. Helicopters also provide a unique opportunity to get a bird’s eye view of the volcanic craters of Stromboli and Vulcano. For more information about getting to the islands by helicopter or helicopter excursions over the whole region, please contact us.

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 1/67 Colourful houses seen on arrival in Alicudi.  2/67 Arriving at Filicudi by boat.  3/67 One of Filicudi's lava pebble beaches.  4/67 Views don't get much better than this!  5/67 A church on Filicudi.  6/67 The public transport system in Alicudi is very efficient!  7/67 Strolling along Alicudi's lovely seafront.  8/67 Stunning Aeolian views.  9/67 The dramatic coastline of Filicudi.  10/67 Walking on Filicudi offers stunning views.  11/67 Total peace on Alicudi.  12/67 Fishing boats on Filicudi.  13/67 Fishing boats on the shore in Alicudi.  14/67 Preparing for a fishing trip.  15/67 Making friends with the locals.  16/67 Loading up the shopping on Alicudi.  17/67 Filicudi seen across the water from Alicudi.  18/67 The cobalt waters of the pumice stone sea quarries in Lipari.  19/67 A view of smoking Stromboli on arrival at Panarea.  20/67 Renting a boat for a day on Panarea.  21/67 An idyllic bay on Panarea.  22/67 A view from one of the walks around Panarea.  23/67 Part of Panarea's dramatic coastline.  24/67 Views of Lipari from Panarea.  25/67 Part of Panarea's beautiful coastline.  26/67 Stunning views of Stromboli from Panarea.  27/67 Now that's a sunset!  28/67 There are some great walks on Panarea.  29/67 One of Panarea's glorious beaches.  30/67 Transparent waters surround Panarea.  31/67 Café life in Panarea.  32/67 The twin volcanoes of Salina.  33/67 Bar Alfredo in the village of Lingua, Salina... the best granita in Sicily?  34/67 Sundown on Salina with views of Stromboli.  35/67 Santa Marina, one of Salina's lovely villages.  36/67 Rocky outcrops form part of Salina's coastline.  37/67 An Aeolian salad of tomatoes, onions, capers and anchovies.  38/67 A pebbly cove on the north-east tip of Salina.  39/67 A check-up before setting sail from Salina.  40/67 One of Salina's many lovely coves.  41/67 The saltpans that give Salina its name.  42/67 Part of Salina's dramatic coastline.  43/67 The turquoise waters of Salina invite bathing.  44/67 The crystalline waters of Salina.  45/67 A bottle of Salina's Moscato with a view of Stromboli.  46/67 A lava sand beach on Salina.  47/67 Another shot of the lava sand beach.  48/67 Old fishermen's houses at Pollara on Salina.  49/67 Views of Stromboli and Vulcano from Salina at sunset.  50/67 Bathing with a view of Panarea and Stromboli in the background.  51/67 Salina offers some excellent panoramic walks.  52/67 Stromboli seen from the water.  53/67 The dramatic smoking peak of the volcano on Stromboli.  54/67 A good way of spending an afternoon on Stromboli.  55/67 Everything on Stromboli happens under the watchful gaze of the volcano!  56/67 A smoking crater on Stromboli at dawn.  57/67 An invigorating descent of the volcano on Stromboli!  58/67 A well deserved drink after hiking up the volcano.  59/67 A lava sand beach under the towering peak of Stromboli.  60/67 Approaching Salina from the Sea.  61/67 A typical Aeolian church perched above the sea.  62/67 The twin (inactive) volcanoes provide excellent walking on Salina.  63/67 Salina is dotted with small coves.  64/67 Salina's dramatic coastline.  65/67 Another shot of the fisherman's houses at Pollara, Salina.  66/67  67/67