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A guide to all that's best in Sicily in July

What's on in Sicily this July

Here's a guide to all that's happening in Sicily this July, including some top tips from our local experts.

Festivals and events >>
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Our top tips >>

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Festivals and events


Three performances of Verdi's colossal opera in the enchanting surroundings of the ancient Greek theatre in Siracusa.

Where? Teatro Greco, Siracusa
When? 12th, 19th and 26th July 2014

La Festa di Santa Rosalia
Palermo's citizens pay tribute to their Patron Saint with an enormous procession, lots of partying and a pyrotechnic fireworks display on the sea.

Where? Palermo
When? 14th - 15th July 2014
Find out more here >>

Taormina Arte
A cultural festival of concerts, opera, cinema, art and theatre whose main events take place in the stunning setting of the Teatro Greco. You can check the list of events on the official website:

Where? Taormina
When? July / August 2014

Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci
A performance of the two popular operas inside Taormina’s Teatro Antico.

Where? Teatro Antico, Taormina
When? 17th July, 2nd and 4th August 2014

Gala Internazionale di Danza
Stars from the Opera de Paris, the Royal Ballet of London, Hamburg Ballet and the Wiener Staatsoper grace the stage of the Greek Theatre in Siracusa.

Where? Teatro Greco, Siracusa
When? 18th July 2014, 21.30

Carmina Burana/Misa Criolla
Carl Orff’s scenic cantata Carmina Burana and Ariel Ramírez’s famous composition Misa Criolla are brought to life against the glorious backdrop of the Teatro Greco in Siracusa.

Where? Teatro Greco, Siracusa
When? 20th July 2014, 21.30

A celebration of street food both Sicilian, Italian and Tunisian, all washed down by good local wine and accompanied by music and other events. Food stands are open all through the town from 6.30pm to midnight.

Where? Trapani
When? 24th - 27th July 2014

La Scala Illuminata
The 142 steps of the Scalinata di Santa Maria del Monte in Caltagirone are illuminated hundreds of small oil lights to create a polychromatic effect of great beauty.

Where? Caltagirone
When? 24th - 25th July 2014

Beethoven’s Sinfonia N. 9 “Corale”
Beethoven's symphony performed in the atmospheric Greek Theatre.

Where? Teatro Greco, Siracusa
When? 25th July 2014, 21.30

Festa del Raccolto
At this harvest festival celebrating the end of a year's labour, the small town of Cianciana feasts on chickpeas, fava beans and other local produce as it has done for hundreds of years. Prayers of thanksgiving, music and a generally feel-good atmosphere make for a great experience.

Where? Cianciana (inland from Agrigento)
When? 31st July 2014



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What to eat in Sicily in July

July is a great month to come to Sicily if you like your food! Here are some ideas about what ingredients are in season (if you're cooking at your villa!) and what to order if you're eating out!

In-season local ingredients

chick peas
green beans
leaves of the "long" courgette - tenerumi
courgette flowers
zucchini lunghi (long, light green courgettes)
seafood and fish in abundance

What to order

Pasta con i tenerumi (a light very liquid soup often served cool with tomatoes, garlic, the leaves of the "long" courgette (tenerumi), onion and broken spaghetti)
Insalata all'Eoliana (light salad of anchovy fillets, capers, red onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes and toasted bread)
Caponata (a chutney of fried aubergine chunks, tomatoes, capers, olives, onions, celery, vinegar and olive oil
Pasta con pesto Trapanese (pasta with a raw paste of tomatoes, garlic, almonds and a little basil)
Involtini di pesce spada (swordfish roulades filled with breadcrumbs, raisins and pine kernels)
Pepata di cozze (mussels cooked in lots of pepper, olive oil and garlic)
Frutta di stagione!

See our definitive Sicilian recipe page >>




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Our top tips for July in Sicily


1. Go to the beaches "off-the-beaten-track": many of Sicily's best beaches can get crowded in late July so why not head to those which remain relatively free. You will have to walk a bit, and take provisions for the day (there are no lidos at the following beaches) but it is well worth the effort and you'll be on some of the most unspoilt stretches of sand anywhere in the Med! Try the pebbly coves and transparent waters of Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve, accessed from Scopello or San Vito Lo Capo in the north-west of Sicily, or the Vendicari Nature Reserve in the south-east, near Noto. Just east of Sciacca is the beach of Torre Salsa and a little further east the large pine forest-enclosed beach of Eracloa Minoa.

2. All aboard! Another way of beating the sometimes crowded beaches in July is to hire a boat for a day or two. It's a great way to discover parts of the coast that are difficult to get to on foot and you'll always find some translucent waters in which to dive... Take a look at our boat charters!

3. Take a nap in the afternoon... It can get quite hot in July in the early hours of the afternoon, so why not do as the locals have done for centuries? Head off to the beach or to see the sights early in the morning, have a light lunch and then take to your bed for a snooze. Then, at around 4pm, head back to the beach or your pool and start anticipating the balmy, Epicurean evening ahead, complete with well-earned aperitif, and a convivial al fresco dinner stretching long into the night!

4. Head up Mount Etna for the last of the snow! That's right, over the 3,000m level you might still find a little snow on Etna! The summer is an excellent time to go up A Muntagna, with visibility often good. You can get off the beaten track by taking one of our 4x4 vulcanologist-guided trips...



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